1 – How to recognize and respond to a disease

When you are sick you experience unusual signs : they are called « symptoms »

Certain symptoms are clearly visible and you and the people around you may notice them. For example :

  1. You have a cough,
  2. Your skin is not as it should be,
  3. A part of your body is swollen. 

Other symptoms could be pain or discomfort :

  1. You are tired,
  2. You are too hot or too cold,
  3. You have a pain in your stomach or a headache,
  4. You can’t breathe properly,
  5. You have no appetite.

It is very important to pay attention to all these symptoms and to immediately speak to an adult about them to be treated as soon as possible.

One symptom alone isn’t enough to recognize a disease . You have to tell the medical staff all the small signs you have noticed to help them find your disease.

Knowledge Test

The various symptoms.

Children describe in their own words what they feel and where it hurts.

Complete the sentences with the right symptom.

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