2 – At the health centre

Symptoms are warning signals !

As soon as symptoms appear you need to ask a grown-up to bring you to the health centre. Medical Staff are the only people who can recognize what disease you are suffering from and tell you how to treat it and get well.

What happens during a visit to the health centre ?

  1. To begin with the medical staff will have a look at the information recorded the last time you visited. They will know which disease you have already had in the past and what medication you were given.
  2. Then you will have to describe all your symptoms precisely and answer a few questions, for example : when did the pain in your stomach start ? Have you already had a similar pain before ?
  3. The health staff will then examine and touch your body where you said it hurt. They will also examine other parts of your body to look for symptoms you may not have detected. If necessary they will listen to your hearbeat, your breathing, examine your throat or your ears, have a look at your skin or your nails. They can also take your temperature to see if you have a fever, weigh you and measure you to make sure you are growing and developping properly.
  4. After examining you the medical staff will be able to know what disease you have.
  5. If you need to take pills they will tell you and your mother how to take them : the time of day, how many and how long. It is very important that you respect the prescription and the tips the medical staff give you very carefully.

Knowledge Test

The different steps of a visit to the health centre

Have a look at these 5 pictures representing the different steps of a visit to the health centre. Match each step with the right picture.

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