3 – The various sorts of medications

The appearence of medication can vary a lot from one to another

  • Round or oblong tablets
  • Small capsules
  • A tube of ointment
  • A bottle of syrup
  • A squeeze-bottle of eye drops (eye wash) or nose-drops
  • Small granules like beads
  • But also powder packs, glass ampoules, drops, suppositories, patches …


Even if some medications have funny colours or shapes and taste nice you must not confuse them with sweets. You must never take some on your own initiative.

Different types of medications have different instructions.

  • Some tablets need to be chewed and others need to be swallowed with water.
  • You must never open the capsules before you swallow them.
  • Other medication can be directly applied on the part of your body that hurts : eye drops, skin ointment …
  • You can also receive injections.

When the medical staff gives you your medication they will explain how to take it. It is very important that you fully respect the instructions if you want to be cured properly.

Knowledge Test

Medications can look very different from one to another !

Have a look at these 6 pictures representing several medications.
Can you recognize them ? Click on each picture to the right word.

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