5 – How to use medication properly

Medications are no ordinary products.

If you make proper use of them they will cure you but if you don’t use them properly they can be very dangerous. You must never take medication on your own initiative. The only safe way is to take medication supervised by an adult who will check that the rules given by the medical staff are fully respected, for example :

  • The length of the treatment : even if you have the impression that you are cured you have to carry on taking your medication during the entire treatment length as prescribed by the medical staff.
  • The number of medications and the time of day you are supposed to take them.
  • The way you have to take them.

You can also find all information on a small leaflet which is inside the medication box : the medication instructions.

Even if the symptoms of your disease remain in early treatment never increase dosage if the medical staff do not recommend it.
Written on the medication box you will also find a date after which you cannot take the medication any more : we call it the expiration date.
Before you take medication you will have to check that the expiration date has not passed.

A person, a disease, a medication ! !

Never take medication on your own initiative. Only the medical staff know which medication will cure you.
Even if you are under the impression that you have a disease you already caught in the past, or if a family member thinks he recognizes your disease, you may need totally different medication this time.


Never leave medication in the reach of young children.

Young children may feel tempted to taste any medication left unattended. To avoid any accident you need to put the medication in a safe place and supervise the young one when they need to take medication.

During the treatment you may experience discomfort that is new to you. If the discomfort remains and gets worse you must go back to the medical staff.

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How to use medication properly

THE « DOs » AND « DON’Ts »

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