Chapter 1. I am ill…

Diseases can be detected through a wide variety of signs affecting one or several parts of the body: these are symptoms of the disease.

Some symptoms are noticeable (coughing, spots, swelling, etc.) while others may appear as pain or discomfort felt by the patient (fatigue, heat, chills, headaches or abdominal pain, etc.)

It is important to watch out for the onset of these symptoms to be able to deal with a disease as soon as possible.

î 1. Knowing how to recognise and deal with a disease

A lesson to familiarise children with the most common symptoms so they can deal with the disease as soon as possible.

î 2. Learning about the diseases and how to protect yourself

Six complete sheets to learn about the symptoms, disease progression, modes of transmission and preventative measures :


î 3. At the health centre

The key role of healthcare workers in identifying the disease and curing it. The different steps of a visit to the health centre, from examination to prescribing medicines.

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