Welcome to the BUM programme
Under the Very distinguished Patronage of H.E. Mrs CHANTAL BIYA, First Lady of Cameroon, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

The BUM programme is a training aimed at sensitising young people on the proper use of medicines.
African Synergy, in partnership with Pharmaceutical Companies, offers an information and fun activity programme designed to inform children and teenagers about the major diseases, the main symptoms, the use of medicines and the dangers of street medicines.

Exclusive ! 
A Health Caravan on tour around several school center in Yaounde



A programme launched in Cameroon more than 10 years ago

A programme launched in Cameroon more than 10 years ago !

After a first version was successfully launched in Cameroon, the programme was deployed in several other French-speaking African countries (such as Benin, Niger and Togo...). Discover today the new edition of the BUM programme, updated in 2020 to include new fact sheets (Covid-19), but also a brand new chapter dedicated to fake medicines.

A booklet for trainers and students

The booklet aims to answer as many questions as possible about medicines and their use
It is divided into three main chapters, which can be found on this website:
- Chapter 1. I am ill.
The aim of this chapter is to recognise and react to illnesses, and to learn about the central role of health professionals in the health center.
- Chapter 2. I need to take medicines.
The objective of this chapter is to know about medicines and how they can be used, respecting the duration of the treatment, and the basic rules of peoper use of medicines for an effective and safe use.
- Chapter 3. Beware of fake medicines.
This lesson familiarises the learner with the official supply chain and places special emphasis on the dangers of street medicines. This document contains 44 pages of information, including key messages to be disseminated in the community, as well as more specific information points and answers to the activities proposed to the children