7 – The medication circuit

Because medication is no ordinary product it has to be distributed by people and places with official authorisation. Hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, and people working in these places are allowed to disbribute and sell medication.

Compliance with these rules enables to give sick people safe and effective medication.

Some people with no official authorisation sell medication to sick people. Generally these forbidden drugs are sold in the street, on the market and in certain shops that are neither pharmacies, nor hospitals, or official medication outlets.

Drugs sold illegally in the street, on the market and in non-authorised outlets can be very dangerous :

  1. It is hard to know where they come from and how they were made.
  2. Street vendors have no medical training and can’t tell sick people which medication to take or how they should take it.
  3. Sometimes the medication is out of date and also totally ineffective.


It is important to be very careful and never take drugs from unofficial distribution circuits.

Knowledge Test

Where can I find medication ?

Have a careful look at the places and the people in these pictures.
Some are part of the official distribution circuit and some are not.

Can you recognize them ?

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